Difference Between Clinical Psychologists & Counseling Psychologists

Psychology: –

Psychology is a study of human behavior & human brain. Psychology covers a wide range of areas to study human behavior, a study of the brain by a clinical psychologist. The main areas covered in psychology are clinical psychology, forensic psychology, sports psychology, counseling psychology, child psychology, organizational psychology, and clinical psychology. Students can make careers in all the domains of psychology according to their interests. Many students are working in the private sector, and government sectors & run private practice clinics.

Clinical Psychologist:- 

It’s a branch of psychology in which students learn about human behavior, mental health as well as psychological problems or psychiatric & child problems. A clinical psychologist can assess psychological & psychotic problems such as severe depression, hallucinations, delusions & illusions, etc. A clinical Psychologist can give the treatment of all mental health problems and psychological problems like obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia & depression.

 Clinical psychology is working under past experiences, According to the studied of various psychologists. Our Past experience can be a reason for psychological problems. To become a clinical psychologist in the India the students required an M. Phil in clinical psychology & Professional diploma in clinical psychology from the Rehabilitation Council of India Approved Institutes.

Counseling Psychologist: –

 It is a branch of psychology in which students learn about human behavior & psychological problems, counseling Psychologists are capable to solve a problem of students’ & current situation-based psychological problem.

 They cannot deal with serious mental health problems such as psychiatric & childhood problems. They provide the solution to the client by help of various counseling techniques such as solution focused, behavior techniques. They cannot provide the treatment to the clients like as psychotherapy. Clinical psychologists focus on present problems & deal to solve them. In counseling psychology, various types of scope are available like HIV Counseling, Education Counseling, Career counseling & psychological problem like anxiety, depression, etc.

Students can choose other types of scope in the field of psychology like Forensic, Organization, Sports Psychologist & mental health professionals. The Student can start careers after completing their master’s in various types of mental health areas like hospitals, private clinical & start jobs in hospitals as well as government sectors.