Psychotherapy & Counseling Services Gurugram

Counseling Services 

What is Counseling & Mental Health Therapy:-

In counseling, we know the talk procedure & talk therapy. It is the best way to know about mental status & problems with the help of professionals in mental health care. They can help to leave stress free life.

Types of Counseling

Individual Counseling:-  It is a very good way to treat yourself. in which the therapist provides the treatment to a single person. It helps full for HIV Counseling, Sex Counseling, Stress & Depression, etc.

Family Counseling:- This type of counseling is used to provide information about mental health and psychoeducation. In this session, the psychologist will give the techniques to deal with mental health patients & clients at home and during a social gatherings.  

Education Counseling:- It helps full for every student who is confused about the new carrier of life as well as daily life etc.

HIV Counseling:- Our professional team is offering HIV & Aids counseling to our clients, in which we will provide you Individual therapy sessions for our clients. Clients know about HIV & aids, stages, Treatment & testing of  HIV & Aids & they can save a life.

Counseling is a very effective way to solve your problem just a talk in a very systematic method. Every person can choose our services at affordable prices with our other services.

Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy can provide the treatment of psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety & stress, etc.