Difference Between Clinical Psychologists & Counseling Psychologists

Psychology: –

Psychology is a study of human behavior & human brain. Psychology covers a wide range of areas to study human behavior, a study of the brain by a clinical psychologist. The main areas covered in psychology are clinical psychology, forensic psychology, sports psychology, counseling psychology, child psychology, organizational psychology, and clinical psychology. Students can make careers in all the domains of psychology according to their interests. Many students are working in the private sector, and government sectors & run private practice clinics.

Clinical Psychologist:- 

It’s a branch of psychology in which students learn about human behavior, mental health as well as psychological problems or psychiatric & child problems. A clinical psychologist can assess psychological & psychotic problems such as severe depression, hallucinations, delusions & illusions, etc. A clinical Psychologist can give the treatment of all mental health problems and psychological problems like obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia & depression.

 Clinical psychology is working under past experiences, According to the studied of various psychologists. Our Past experience can be a reason for psychological problems. To become a clinical psychologist in the India the students required an M. Phil in clinical psychology & Professional diploma in clinical psychology from the Rehabilitation Council of India Approved Institutes.

Counseling Psychologist: –

 It is a branch of psychology in which students learn about human behavior & psychological problems, counseling Psychologists are capable to solve a problem of students’ & current situation-based psychological problem.

 They cannot deal with serious mental health problems such as psychiatric & childhood problems. They provide the solution to the client by help of various counseling techniques such as solution focused, behavior techniques. They cannot provide the treatment to the clients like as psychotherapy. Clinical psychologists focus on present problems & deal to solve them. In counseling psychology, various types of scope are available like HIV Counseling, Education Counseling, Career counseling & psychological problem like anxiety, depression, etc.

Students can choose other types of scope in the field of psychology like Forensic, Organization, Sports Psychologist & mental health professionals. The Student can start careers after completing their master’s in various types of mental health areas like hospitals, private clinical & start jobs in hospitals as well as government sectors.  

Five Reasons for Psychological Problems Of Depression

Depression is a common problem for people living in today’s families, people living in society, and people doing jobs. At present time people are busy to finish own. People start living under stress to complete a task.  At the same time, due to not solving their problem, those people can suffer from psychological problems like depression and other types of psychological problems like Obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress, and anxiety due to depression.

Reasons For Depression

Family Relationship – In today’s time, family relationship has a big role in a disease like depression.  Conflict with other home members, tension about something in the house, poor relationships with family members, the person gets surrounded by a psychological disease depression.

Job loss – in the present time job loss person goes into depression due to thoughts about the future.  During the period of the lockdown in 2019 covid, many people used to go into depression. It can be one of the main reasons to go person in depression.  Lots of people lose of jobs during the covid situation and face financial problems happening at home.

During this time, symptoms of depression were also seen in children, in which the child’s school is closed, staying at home not able to go to play with other children. All of these became the main reason for child depression. Due to this children mostly started spending their time on mobile or watching TV.

Financial problems- This can also cause depression. Fight between husband and wife due to lack of money in the house. Peoples suffer from depression due to not having proper requirements for a house. Reasons for the financial problem can be taking a loan, low salary, loss in business as well as sometimes due to the non-availability of a job, which can cause depression for the person.

Brain hormones:- Due to the lack of hormones and misbalanced in the brain, any person can be affected by depression. A person does not know that he is suffering from depression.

Brain structure:- Depression can also be caused by an injury to the brain, It can change brain structure of the brain changes, as well as hormone imbalance, and sometimes affects higher mental function.

There can be many other reasons for depression. At present time depression can be cured with help of medicines & psychotherapy. If the person knows the symptoms of depression in time. To recover from this disease, the person needs psychotherapy along with medicine. In the starting phase, depression is treated with help of psychotherapy without any medication. A clinical psychologist can provide the treatment of depression through psychotherapy.

5 ways to transmit HIV Virus

 Many people are affected by HIV around the world. It is a type of disease in which the body loses the ability to fight the body disease. Whose treatment has not been found yet, but there is a possibility that treatment for HIV will be found very soon. A trial and research are going on for the treatment of HIV. In some countries.

We all know HIV as HAuman Immunodeficiency Virus. This attacks on white blood cells of the body. Due to this, the body loses the power to attack outer viruses and infections. 

Types of HIV 

Types of HIV 1 

Types of HIV 2

How is HIV transmitted

It is a disease caused by blood and body fluid. It can be caused if a person comes in contact with blood and body fluid of an infected person. A person can detect this disease through a blood test and start a treatment to control the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in the body.

5 ways to transmit HIV Virus  

Sex without condom 

If a person has sex with an HIV-positive person without using a condom, then a negative person will be positive. 

Sharing needles, syringes, or other injection drug equipment 

One another way is sharing HIV-positive needles with a none affected person, even sharing syringes or other injection drug equipment

Blood Transfer:-  A person can be infected due to the transfer of HIV infected blood transfer during the blood transfer. It can be the process of labor and delivery, breastfeeding, etc.

These are the main factor to transmit HIV from one positive person to a negative person. If a person takes some alertness during Sharing needles, syringes, or other injection drug equipment, They can save a life from virus infection. To know about the virus, its effects & how a person can cure this virus. Psychologists can help through HIV counseling.

Types of Human Ear Problems

Types of Human Ear Problems

Ear connect from our relationship person, world & around all the people. Without ear sound, our life is very difficult because we can’t connect with our relationship person, world. We can enjoy the special event & movements by using our ears. The best movement can be our birthday, Special achievement & sound Ear problem is a common problem for the world. At the present time, lots of people are suffering from various types of ear problems such as low sound experience, hallucinations & Tinnitus.

Structure of Human Ear

The human ears are one of the main parts of the human mid-brain. In the outer part, middle part & inner part into the midbrain. The ear outer part is called the pinna (We can touch this part). pinna connected with the pipe-like structure is called the ear canal or connects the Middle part of the human ear.

The Ear middle part is maintained with an Ear Drum, cochlea & 3 short bones ( It is a very Short bone of the Human body ) & after it connects with our inner part, our inner part connects with nerves & neuron or connect with the Inner part.

 Ear inner part is connecting with the Middle part of the brain.

It partly comes under the mid-brain of the human by the help of these ear parts our brain receives the sound waves & helps to connect with the world, Music & all others listen to activities. 

Types of Ear Problem

Tinnitus – Ear Continue whistle type sound

It is a common ear problem around the world. Lots of people are suffering from these ear problems. It can be a physical problem & mid-brain problem. The cause of this problem may be mid-brain nerve blockage of nerves that connect to the brain, and dust in the air. Some conditions Nose problems can cause this problem.

Low Sound

Low sound is a common problem in old age people & a defect in our midbrain & inner ear problem. Most of the time we are not able to cure this problem. But we can manage with the help of modern tools like ear sound production machines, ear microphones, etc.


Hallucination is another problem of the human ear. In which person does not lose the sound frequency. But sometimes we feel different from both ears problems such as Tinnitus & Low sound frequency problem etc. It’s a type of psychiatric & psychological problem. With the help of psychiatric medication & with the help of Psychotherapy treatment, we can control this problem.

Both are common human ear problems that are associated with the human midbrain. These types of ear problems are curable. 

 Some ear problems we can not cure, Be we can manage with medication, psychotherapy & Self-awareness about these problems.

Steps to Become a Licensed Clinical Psychologist In India

Steps to Become a Licensed Clinical Psychologist will help to get knowledge of psychology and various domain of psychology such as counseling, clinical & positive psychology, forensic psychology & organization psychology. Clinical psychology is a good way to enter the mental health field. 

In clinical psychology, Students will learn about the various types of mental health psychological, psychiatric problems and childhood disorders, etc.  After completing, the Mphil & professional diploma in clinical psychology they know the treatment procedure & learn how they can treatment of psychological & psychiatric mental health problems with the help of counseling & psychotherapy.

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology. Students will study human behavior along with them to get knowledge of mental health & psychological problems. Students will learn different types of assessments & Projective tests to diagnose psychological & mental health problems during the full course of clinical psychology.

Steps to become a psychologist in India

Step 1 – 12th Standard

 Students can choose the psychology subjects in class 11th & 12th with optional subjects like business, Sports psychology, counseling, etc.

Step – 2 Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of science

In Bachelor’s study, they can choose arts in psychology, Clinical psychology, counseling, forensic, organizational & sports psychology to make better careers in psychology fields.  The Bachelor can choose to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Step – 3 Master of Science / Master of Arts in Psychology, Clinical psychology & Counseling Psychology

After completing the BA & BS, Students can do a postgraduate course (Master’s in psychology counseling & social work) After completing the Postgraduate in psychology. Students can start self-counseling services.  

Becoming a psychotherapist/ clinical psychologist required further Mphil. & Ph.D.

Becoming a psychotherapist/ clinical psychologist required further Mphil. & Ph.D.

Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology & MPHIL In Clinical Psychology

The Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology & MPHIL In Clinical Psychology programs is a recognized program by Rehabilitation counseling of India.  

Where do you begin a Licensed course in India?

To start these courses you required RCI Approved Institute & colleges like

RCI – Rehabilitation counseling of India-affiliated universities & hospitals for complete Mphil & PDCP course to become a government-approved clinical psychologist in India.

Scope of RCI Register Clinical psychologists In India

after completing students can start their own private practice all over India, hospital jobs, clinical set up as clinical psychologists & clinical psychologist associates after PDCP  after completing the courses from RCI register institutes. RCI is known as the rehabilitation council of India ( Register under government scheme supreme court & government of India act 1986.

Where do you begin a Licensed course in India?

To start these courses you required RCI Approved Institute & colleges  like

CIP Ranchi – ( Jharkhand Ranchi ) A Government medical institute  central government of India

Nimhanse – Bangalore – A Government medical institute of India central government of India

Ihbas – Delhi A Government medical institute of India state government of India

RML Hospital Delhi – Affiliates  with Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University ( State Government )

National Forensic University – A Government medical institute of India central government of India

Private Institutes Like

SGT University –  Gurgaon ( Haryana )State private University

Amity University – ( Gurgaon, Noida, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kolkata & Gwalior ) State private University

Amrita University – Kerla State private University Sikkim Manipal University …

Process of Selection

CIP Ranchi

Nimhanse – Bengaluru

Ihbas – Delhi 

RML Hospital Delhi

National Forensic Univversty 

Private Institutes Like

SGT University

Amity University 

Amrita University Kerla 

You can follow RCI Website for new updates

Process of Selection 

All follow RCI Pattern in including MCQ & Interview. 

MCQ Questions + Interview ( MPHIL 2 Years Program )

MCQ Questions + Group Discussion + Writing Test+ Assessment TEst + Interview for 

(Professional diploma in clinical psychology 1-year program) 

PhD – MCQ Questions & Interview

After completion, the study of clinical psychology students becomes licensed, government-approved clinical psychologists. The psychologist can do an assessment test to diagnose psychological problems.  

 Ph.D.:- After completion, the Ph.D. student can get licensed to a doctorate of psychology in counseling & clinical psychology to teach the students of psychology. 

What are the differences between a Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist & Psychologist?

To solve mental health problems various types of experts available can help with psychological problems. Mental health problems can be genetic, Physical, Accidental & or psychological as well as without physical problems such as body pain, memory loss, etc. Lots of people are suffering from many psychological problems such as thought disorders, stress, & Depression. All types of professionals can help according to the mental health problem such as medicine, Counseling & Therapy. There you can know about mental heal experts. How can help you to solve the problems?

Differences between the Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist & Psychologist

1 – Psychiatrists –

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who can describe the medicine to the person they have a special mental health deal person who gets the special degree after completing the MBBS doctorate & some experience in this field. They can help to solve severe mental health problems such as Depression, Dementia, Brain Injuries & schizophrenia mental health problems. To diagnose these types of problems they refer to a clinical psychologist, Neurologist & psychologist counseling, etc.

2 – Clinical Psychologist:-

These psychologists have no doctoral degrees but they are government-approved licensed professionals who can diagnose mental health problems such as depression, stress, anxiety & child-related problems They can provide treatment also. They get the award degree from the government after completing the M.Phil. in Clinical psychology & Professional Diploma in Clinical psychology. Clinical psychologists can provide the treatment of psychological problems by using various types of techniques of psychotherapy such as cognitive behavior psychotherapy & behavior therapy etc,

3 – Psychologist (Psychologist counseling provider:-

This type of professional psychologist deals with the daily types of psychological problems &  less severe mental health problems. They can not diagnose the psychological problem but they can help by the use of psychotherapy tools such as solution-focused psychotherapy & behavior therapy. The expert helps to understand your psychological problems & gives the solutions that how a person can deal with psychological problems after completing the Masters’s in clinical psychology & counseling & guidance. They can provide the service of HIV counseling in Gurugram for mental health disorders & psychological counseling etc.